B2B Social Media Marketing: Strategies to Boost Your Brand

What Is B2B Social Media Marketing?

A B2B social media marketing agency in pune defines the use of social media channels to market products and services to business clients and prospects. B2B, social media marketing company in pune is where you are marketing your B2B company on various social media applications like Instagram, Twitter Facebook, and YouTube. Social media marketing agency in pune came up with the basic idea of drawing the users to your page and making them interested in watching your content and eventually driving the people to your site. All the social channels have a place in B2B marketing. But the balance and the type of content will look different for a B2B social media strategy than for a consumer-focused plan. Take it from us Awrange Digital helping our audience grow and our team has implemented tons of creative and entertaining strategies along the way. However, with a well-defined plan, and a social media marketing company in pune, we can lead to meaningful conversations to present to your audiences. 

The Best Social Media Platforms for B2B Marketing— And How to Use Them

Here are some of the handful points listed to build your marketing scheme.
LinkedIn is one of the best picks for B2B social media marketing. As a site that has been designed for connecting professionals, and most of them finding great success with LinkedIn and getting the best organic results. Also, there are social media marketing agency in pune helping you build your LinkedIn profile. The platform has a more formal tone of communication letting the brand offer informative content, which is also entertaining and digestible while also maintaining the brand identity. Social media marketing company in pune helps users to have a blend of industry insights, company achievements, and casual and humorous posts encouraging relatability and also building deeper professional relationships, and strengthening leadership qualities. 
Another powerful social media channel has a great monthly active user, allowing the user to participate in real-time conversations. Social media agency in pune is proving to be the ideal platform for software marketers to connect with prospects in real-time and build strong relationships. Also, there are social media marketing agency in pune helping you build a Twitter account for your business. Twitter helps in targeting options like interest targeting, behaviour targeting, and looking for a loke audience which helps you to get to your target audiences. Keeping in mind that the business should focus on quick updates, industry news, and timely response to current events. 
Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms. It is a decisive marketing tool that allows businesses to empathize with prospects and understand their pain points and connect with them on a more personal level. Since Facebook is more relaxed and basically focuses on storytelling and brand personality. Social media agency in pune are sharing company news, employee spotlights, and behind-the-scenes content that can well resonate with the Facebook audience. We, a social media marketing company in pune could have helped you with promoting your brand’s Facebook account, and having a person run and regularly post in a group presents a better opportunity to personify your brand.Boost your Facebook strategy with the best practices:
  •       Determining the group’s value proposition for the users 
  •      Maintaining a balance between marketing pieces and informational pieces
  •     Use  hashtags to broaden the reach of your post
  •      Using Facebook ads for the target audience
  •      Posting regularly and being consistent with your messages.
Instagram is one of the visuals driven and it can be effectively used for B2B marketing, especially for the brands who are using the robust visual component to their products and services. Instagram has high-quality pictures, reels, and stories showing the product, culture, and visual narratives of the business. 
Since the video content allures everyone, YouTube is used by people of all ages from all walks of life to all corners of the globe. Social media agency in pune helps you in making it one of the best channels for all types of software marketers. It is just not the millennials who have been glued to YouTube, with the social media marketing agency in pune it is also easy for the B2B brands who are turning to this platform to reach and engage their target audience. A long-format video, educating and providing value to the user such as a how-to guide, webinars, and expert interviews is typically effective. Collaborating with users & social media marketing agency in pune can also impact the user’s channel impact. Hosting a Q&A video would also be helpful. Also, social media marketing agency pune helps you with the exact same.

Getting Started in B2B Social Media Marketing

B2B Social Media Marketing
  1. Define Your Business Goals – its important to note that the social media channels and the content that’s consumer and shared will be very in the B2B world so assumptions should not be drawn. Social media marketing agency in pune helps you Find out where the current and potential customers are talking and about what subjects they are discussing should be prioritized before making the strategies to influence the brand perceptions and identify the sales leads. Social media agency in pune helps prioritize the objectives and goals of your plan should be the main motto of your business.
B2B Social Media Strategy
  1.     Study Your Audience and Your Competitors – Interacting with your audience should be a thing that you should never forget. Social media agency in pune helps you in Engaging with your followers on social media and your social media interaction should be a two-way communication. Social media marketing agency pune helps you focus on building fleshed-out buyer personas for your ideal customer, allowing you to create social media content that speaks to real people.  Also keeping your eye on the competitors should always be in the mind. Being in the same industry does not mean copying their strategy but keeping tabs on what they are doing.
B2B Social Media Marketing in Pune | Awrange
  1.     Create Original Authentic Content in Your Brand’s Voice – Most B2B content marketers say they are continuously measuring their content performance accurately. A social media marketing company in pune helps in Creating original content and focusing on the response time, impression and engagement rate, conversions, sales, and more. This should be one of the benchmark and achievable goals. Use good social media analytics tools or refer to our social media marketing agency in pune for further assistance.

 Consider the following content best practices:

  1. Define Your Messaging: social media marketing agencies in pune make sure that your messages reflect your brand visions. You should be focusing on the what is brand is stating and what is stands for, which would be connected to your audience. Your content should be meaningful and should be engaging to your audiences.
  2. Repurpose Your Content: if you want to maximize your content try to repurpose existing content with the help of social media marketing agencies in pune. For example, select a video from your channel and summarize it on Instagram for 1 min reel
  3. Vary Content Formats: the social media marketing agencies in pune form the basic focus of diversifying your content format. A mix of different posts giving informative, user-generated content, live streams, Q&As, case studies, polls quizzes, and other updates will keep your audience engaged and informed.
  4. Incorporate Video Content: A video is a powerful tool and so does the social media marketing agencies in pune utilize it in One of the ways through which your audience is attached and engaged in your content depends on the quality, relevance, and information shared by you on the video and social media agency in pune is the best choice for it.  It is a time-consuming process but it’s also fun expanding information and knowledge. 

 Tools to Make Images and Videos for social media   

Here are some of the tools listed for making images and videos for social media.

  1. AI social content generator – AI creates brand videos and images with the help of the information you give.
  2.   Canva – who doesn’t know Canva? Easy to use. Editing, presentation, video making everything is single handed available on the Canva application.
  3. Instant video creator – social media marketing agencies in pune help the user by using tools that are quick enough to transform blogs into videos.
  4. Instant banner creator – savior for many this application quickly creates impressive banners for your social media post helping in establishing relations with your audience. Also with the help of the social media marketing agency pune, would exactly help you out the same.

     4. Go Beyond Posting: Engage in Social Conversations – It just not just about posting content but also being active in the participant content with your audiences.

Here are some ways listed to create an interaction on the social platform.

  1. Create Interactive Content – your communication should be based on two-way communication and one way. SEO agency in Pune helps you by making to your audience, asking them, and indulging with them can make it interactive content.
  2. Manage Groups and Forums – opting for the SEO agency in Pune, an offline group that would boost your content and makes sure to share your expertise, offer solutions, and engage in the discussion is the best way to manage the groups and forums.

    5. Consider B2B Influencer Marketing – Today, influencer have made their own market for themselves. And the audience trusts influencers slightly more than the brand influence. So, therefore, the focus has been shifted to establishing long-term collaborations with the influencers. You must identify the right influencer to collaborate with and co-creating tailoring to the influence’s audiences, who can best define your business’s unique value and personalize the advertising process.

The Best Tools for B2B Social Media Marketing


Semrush Social

Semrush Social has some of its social media management through its following tabs.

These tools allow you to schedule your post, track your effectiveness, and compare with your rivals, enhancing your users.


Semrush has availed a 7-day trial for all its new users. after the end of the trial, the add-on Semrush subscription would be $19.75 monthly. Semrush social is easily available on the main platform and in the app center.  

AI Social Content Generator

AI Social Content Generator, with the help of AI, creates and edits the brand specific, videos, and memes and copies according to your choice.


After offering the free trial, the AI social generator has pricing options such as $35 and $55 per month. The subscriptions allow the user with additional brand management, posts, and above all competitor analysis per month.

 Audience Intelligence

Understanding human behavior well with audience intelligence enables their user to develop a more impact social strategy that is accessible for difficult results.


Available at the cost of $150 per month, from the app center for its users. they also provide their user with the option of purchasing the additional reporting. 

 Influencer Analytics

Influencer analytics help their user discover potential collaborators, have access to their performances, and gain data-driven insights into their competitors’ influencer’s marketing strategies.


Now, influencer analytics some of the several subscription levels

  •       The basic plan costs up to $169 per month
  •       The plan competitor analysis would be an additional $129 per month
  •       Campaign management would be an additional $69 per month 

 Sprout Social

Sprout Social works as a tool for managing the social media platform and gathering useful reporting information for all sizes of businesses. The tools also help servers as a community management tool that aids in keeping track of conversations and responses.


After the free trial is over for the user, Sprout Social has the pricing beginning at $249 monthly for a standard subscription. Other subscriptions also include the variant professional which is $399 plus and the advance one which is $499 plus and enterprise(contact for the pricing) 


It provides its users with social media analytics and competitor analysis to marketers worldwide. It also allows its users to adjust their social media strategies based on the working trends.


It offers their users with the following options such as

The first one is Drive which costs $239/ month

The second one is Engage which costs $349/ month

The third one is Engage Pro which cost $559/month 

 Google GA4

Google GA4 is associated with Google and it is a free tracking service for your website that can used to track the social media campaigns across all the platforms.


Free! Free! Free! 

 Google Trends

Google is also a free keyword research tool that reports the popularity if the regional search term or industry trends over time. Often regarded as the best place to start with when deciding your marketing strategy.


It’s 100 percent free for all its users. 


One of the most famous graphics design tools is user-friendly for all its users and helpful for creating images and illustrations.


The users can use Canva for free and while users prefer to take the subscriptions the subscription package is Pro which is $14,99/month and Teams which starts at the price of $29.99/month. 


It allows its users to search for content with one of the most engagement and highlights chances for reaching out on social media and search engines. The information helps the user to create content that resonates with your audiences and is helpful in driving traffic and engagement.


Buzzsumo allows its users to offer a 30-day free trial followed by a pricing range from $199/month for the content creation to $999/month for the enterprise.  

B2B Social Media Best Practices and Expert Tips


Here are some of the best tips that have been listed below for you.

  1. Set Specific Goals and Match the Message to the Platform – Your goals should be defined clearly and every post should have a distinct purpose tailored to the platform that you are using. Whatever platform you are choosing, your goals should be defined and social media marketing services in baner help you with the exact.   
  1. Offer Genuine Solutions with Storytelling – Addressing the real-life solution should be your major aim and not just be promoting or telling and promoting products. Storytelling helps the brand establish a more relatable and also illustrates the values of your content. 
  1. Be Human and Relatable – Avoiding the overformal tones. You must learn to be approachable and authentic, use of humor can also be added and showing your brand’s personality. 
  1. Speak Your Audience’s Language – Adjusting to your audience’s language is one of the major practices and tip. Adapting your style to your audience’s style should be your priority. It’s important for the user when they are responding to all their customers on the various social media platforms. 
  1. Respond Promptly to Comments – People are very impatient; you must reply to the comments or questions for your users at least within 24 hours. If you are replying to your consumers on social media, it creates a positive effect on the user and they consider you listening to them. This two-way communication helps to build a community around your brand and also provides inspiration for the new content ideas and creative strategies and if you are opting for the social media marketing services in baner, the work would be more easy for you.   
  1. Experiment and Stay Trend-Savvy – Applying for a 20/80 rule in your content is a must. You must dedicate 20% of your efforts to experimenting with the new trends and the formats and the rest to proven tactics. Social media marketing agency pune helps you to keep the balance and keeps your strategy fresh and adaptive. Keeping up with the trends and not overshadowing the quality of your content.

With the right tools and tactics, and with the help of the social media marketing agency Pune, you are not only reaching your potential customers by marketing with your social media but also you are creating a compelling brand story and also building an extended-lasting relationship. 


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